22 July, 2014


Sympathetic Doesn’t Have To Mean Likable | Jennine Lanouette

A video essay refuting the notion that a character must be likable to be sympathetic.

I’ve gotta keep this in mind when reviewing films and/or writing my own, that likability and vulnerability are not interchangeable but can be utilized as such for the audience’s attention. That’s pretty cool.

22 July, 2014
"I have no idea what the film distribution model will be in the future, I don’t do predictions. It makes fools out of everyone. But I really profoundly hope that good, brave, difficult, weird, niche work continues to get made and supported and find an audience. No matter what platform it is on."

Ingrid Kopp

Read what else the Director of Digital Initiatives for TFI had to say about the future of film

(via futureoffilm)

(via futureoffilm)

12 July, 2014


The Technology Behind How to Train Your Dragon 2

This is hella cool.

8 July, 2014
REVEALED: Court docs show role of Pixar and Dreamworks Animation in Silicon Valley wage-fixing cartel


via pandodaily

Through these central figures in the wage-fixing cartel, you get a sense of how powerful Silicon Valley grew in relation to Hollywood from the time Jobs took over the struggling Pixar in the mid-1980s, to Jobs’ triumphant sale to Disney two decades later, making him Disney’s largest shareholder and most powerful board member. You also get a sense of how the two leading California industries’ interests have quietly meshed in ways we aren’t exposed to: common interests in keeping their employees’ wage costs down, so that profits and company valuations continue to soar; common interests that arise across industries, when wealth and corporate power concentrates in fewer and fewer hands, as revealed in the overlapping relationships on boards of directors, relationships that allow for secret wage-theft deals to be cut… Read More

I guess this shouldn’t be surprising but it’s still disheartening—especially when it’s an industry you’re considering joining one day. This, along with the Rhythm & Hues controversy from last year, is just another example of how corporate heads will find ways to screw over their talent just to make a few more bucks.

26 June, 2014

Uh-oh, I’ve been slacking on the posts again. Here’s the rest of my #FW2014 entries up through No. 50, compiled into one neat posting so as not to clutter your dash. Read my thoughts on each of them after the jump.

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